Brittany Ferries – arriving in the UK

The Hall B&B makes a perfect stopover for anyone travelling by Brittany Ferries between the Continent and the farther corners of the UK.

The three ports used – Plymouth Portsmouth and Poole – are all around five hours’ drive from us, making it a comfortable day’s journey, allowing for refreshment breaks and hold-ups. The majority will be on motorway or dual carriageway, so you can soon pile on the miles!

And you’re guaranteed a peaceful stay with us at The Hall, allowing you to rest after your journey. After our excellent breakfast, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to start again the next day!

Here are the distances to the ports from The Hall:

  • Poole Harbour: 5h 4 min / 268 miles
  • Portsmouth Harbour: 4h 23 min / 263 miles
  • Plymouth Harbour: 4h 41 min / 304 miles

Brittany Ferries Route Map