About The Hall

The Hall is a record of the history of Britain, Wales and Flintshire. Over the years, it has been a working farm, an estate office and a family house. The oldest part of the building is Jacobean -  so you will be sleeping in a house that dates back to the 16th century.

Holywell may seem a quiet place today, but it was a hotbed of industry in its time - and as the owners of The Hall prospered throughout the Georgian and Victorian periods, they steadily enlarged The Hall.

Each development reflects the mood of its time - symmetrical restraint in the case of the Georgian, and more forthright and grander styling for the Victorian. This last stage made full use of the location, giving the house wonderful views across the Dee estuary, into Lancashire and the modern mish-mash of Merseyside.

Today, the Georgian and Victorian portions are the home of Sir James and Lady Vernon and their family - so if you need any assistance during your stay help is always close at hand.